SMS Offerings

Indulge yourself and have fun
  1. Funmobile offers a wide range of SMS offerings to keep you informed, entertained, and engaged. The SMS services range from directory assistance services to lifestyle tips to news snippets to inspirational quotes and verses. We have you covered. We continue to expand our range of SMS offerings daily – sourcing our content from our strategic partners across the world.
  2. Current Fun Mobile Approved Tariff Plan
     30500(Free)          MTN Pulse Event Service
     33111(Free)          Opt-Out/Help/Request Messages
     33110(N100)         Ramadan/Islamic Subscription Services/E-Books
     33112(N30)           Request/Multimedia Gift Request Services
     33113(N50)           RBT Campaigns & Multimedia Downloads
     33114(N30)           FunQuiz Bouquet Service
     (N100)                    Subscription Services
     33116(N30)           Ramadan Request Services, Ask A Scholar
     33117(N10/N5)    Pulse Chat Service
     33118(N50)           Subscription Services
     33119(N50)           Job Alerts Service/Face Of Peace Beauty Contest
     33200(N50)           News Alert/Islamic Subcription
     33201(N30)           Request Services
     33202(N15)           Mobile Dating Service
     33203(N30)           Gift Request Services
     4140(N10)             SMS Search